Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun frames

(please forgive my horrendous picture here...our walls make everything look yellow...and I obviously have a less then steady hand....)

Have I mentioned yet that I love my Kreg jig? Just sayin'....

I wanted to put up some kids art, and this wall was just begging for some color. So, I threw together a few frames(yeah, literally took me less then 20 min/frame for all the cuts and assembly and sanding), covered them in craft paint, handed the kids some paper and brushes, and let them go to town. (I did warn Betty that the pictures would be hung this way, but she insisted on making her fairy (the top) that way...maybe we'll say it's flying...)

I want to make/find a more interesting coat hook, but I had that one in storage, so it will do for now...then I want to find a fun/ornate frame for that bare spot in the middle and put some kind of family organizer...either dry erase, or chalk board or something...

Now to see if that lowest frame stays on the wall, or if Katie will insist on carrying it around the house...

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  1. Totally impressed that you could crank out frames like that! Have to look into this Kreg Jig?

  2. Are you really making money after purchasing it in the first place?

  3. Very cute! I love the kid's artwork and frames are wonderful!


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