Friday, May 28, 2010

Today's Haul

Today, I had planned to hit an estate sale that looked interesting...but I got there and saw stuff under a tarp on the lawn and no-one in sight...sad day! I've still got to find the ad to see if it's actually tomorrow because I spotted some cool stuff. Of course that left me completely unsatisfied, and since I was close to the DI (awesome thrift stores in Utah), and it happened to be the one that my "master shopper" sister-in-law swears is the best one for furniture, I waited around the half hour for it to open...and boy, I'm glad I did! She was totally right! The DI I usually go to is pretty good for furniture, but often seems pretty over priced. This one had great finds at GREAT prices.

First thing, I came across this sweet little chair. Ok, I do see that it's not sweet right now...I'd call it kinda sad/puky green/dated ugliness....but in my imagination it's sweet :) I've been shopping for fabric online this afternoon :)

Next up was the area that usually has headboards and big flat stuff like that. Down low, I spotted one of these little beauties! They were there because the table they were with didn't have bolts, so it was in there with the legs pulled off. The top is in OK condition, but it doesn't have a leaf, and I'm not excited about it...but these legs! The guy who puts sold signs on big stuff saw me caressing a leg and asked if I wanted the table. I replied "I want these legs!" lol. He said they wouldn't sell it separately, so I bought the whole thing. those legs...totally worth it! They were on a big dining table, but I can totally see building them into a sofa or entry type table! (anyone have ideas for a lame looking table top?...)

Last, I came across this hutch. It's in pretty rough shape and needs some repairs. It may loose the upper doors. I don't have a clear vision for it will come to me though. For some reason, I keep feeling it will go really funky and colorful. Maybe red with white details on the drawer fronts. I'm totally keeping the dangle hardware though!
Ok, I'm going to head out to the shop to sand! Fun afternoon :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More thoughts on the chandelier ...

So, this pretty thing has been on the forefront of my mind all day. I don't know why...before this morning it wasn't even next on my list of projects...high on my list, but not the top. But then posting about it this morning and looking some more at this one....well, how could I not be thinking about that?!

You have to understand, I bookmarked that link quite a while ago. At first I looked REALLY hard for a chandelier to do this with, but never came across one. Then, we moved and our new house has these weird colored walls. It looks very lovely with whites, creams and browns...but that is about the range of colors I can use in here(however, we have a landlord who is very understanding and says we can paint as long as we OK a color with him first...he can't get too upset about just white, right? now if only I can find the time...). So, I was set on the idea of doing something fun with this fixture and then selling it. But, today, I haven't been able to get that pretty yellow thing out of my head all day.

And, another dilemma....the whole tutorial was never posted. I'm sure I could figure a lot of it out, but some of those wire details are just so fun! And I don't think I have the skills to muster my way though that. So...after a lot of thought and mustering my courage...I hit the "contact" button and sent a message asking for the rest of it. It was kind of scary....I mean, I don't want to be a bother to anyone, and I don't like to be pushy...but it is just so pretty! And guess what! Right away Stacie sent me an email saying that she'd be glad to post the rest of it over the next several weeks! And she was very nice and did not chew me out about how busy she was with other stuff, or point me to all the other cool stuff she has posted there (because she really does have some cool stuff!). Did I mention I don't like to bother imagination runs away with me sometimes.

Oh, I'm so very excited! Whether I end up keeping it, or selling it (I am supposed to be using this stuff to cut down on the student loans we have to take out, after all....But I'm not sure I could part with it...) I will know how to do it and as some point I WILL have a fun light for over my dining table!

Oh, Stacie...Thank you! For posting such an inspiring piece in the first place, and being willing to share with me how to do it! You totally rock :)

In the shop

My shop right now is full of fun stuff! I'm excited to see how they will turn out, but I thought I'd take a quiet minute to show what I've got going on.

This desk is about 80% sanded and so close to ready to paint! I'm going to paint it black. Some of the handles are a bit bent up and need some cleaning, so I'm trying to see if they can be bent straight again or if I'm going to need to replace them...I really hope they can be kept because they are so pretty.

Last Saturday the ReStore was having a "door buster" sale....all used doors were $5! I picked up this one, and two solid/ heavy ones that we're going to use as work benches in the shop. This one I'm planning to use as a table or maybe a storage bench. I have an odd spot next to my desk where there is a large window, and I think a table/bench for a couple plants and office stuff would be nice there.I'll probably paint it white or light grey/blue.
This table looks really small in this picture, but it's actually big enough to fit 2 chairs on each side. It's really in very good shape, and is completely sturdy. I just want to paint the apron and legs white and put a darker stain on the top.
How awesome is this chandelier?! My cousin found several of them at the ReStore and gave me one! It's missing about 4 crystals, but other then that it seems to be in perfect shape. I'm trying to decide if I want to stay safe and paint it white like this one from I Heart Naptime (which would be totally beautiful with this piece) or get a little funky and go apple green, or bright yellow (something I would TOTALLY do if my house were painted white and I could keep it for myself....I would LOVE to have something like this!) Anyone have an opinion on which they think I should do?

I have a bunch of pieces that were too far back in the garage to get good pictures of, but I'll be sure to post them as I get access to them.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Showing off my new table

I am absolutely in LOVE with my new table. It is sturdy, and big, and beautiful...and we made it ourselves!

Close up of the top finished before it was attached to the legs...

It was first inspired by this table from Knock-off wood, but then we looked at a ton of pictures of farmhouse tables as well as watching a few videos on how to build them and looking under a bunch of other tables to see how they were constructed. I have a feeling a couple friends thought I was a bit insane when I asked to look under their tables...but it was totally worth it to learn what options there were for putting the whole thing together.

We wanted it to be very hefty looking. So the original plan was to use 2x8 planks for the top, and 4x4 posts for the legs. When we got to the store to buy the lumber, all the 2x8s were rather we looked at the 2x10s and they looked lovely, so we went with those. Also, the 4x4s were not very pretty, so we switched to 4x6s.

We made a couple mistakes in the construction...Nothing that should cause major issues probably...but we learned a ton and if/when we build one again, we won't make those mistakes :) The legs are a little too close to get 3 chairs comfortably between them, but I really like the overhang on the end. I may make benches to get around that issue.

For the finish, I started with minwax wood conditioner, and then minwax water based stain in "toffee" and brushed on polycrylic in satin(3 light coats). I must say, I really liked the water based stain. Instead of spreading on a layer then wiping it off, I kind of buffed it into the wood. I felt like I had a lot of control over the depth of color that way, and it was easy to even out places that got a little blotchy. They also had a HUGE selection of colors. I would for sure use this stuff again.

The only major issue (other then the chairs not fitting) is that the wood is just so very soft. I can't let my kids do their homework on it w/o making them use a clipboard or something under it. I'm pretty sure that as it get's roughed up from use, this won't be as big of a deal, but right now with the finish so smooth and new, it bugs me a little. Next time, I think we'll use and work with a harder wood. Of course, I was reading somewhere that acrylic paint can take up to a month to fully set, so I'm wondering if polycrylic is the same way and it will be somewhat harder in a couple weeks. I'll keep you posted on that :)

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