Monday, July 11, 2011

Make it stop!

I came across this article on today....Seriously???

Why oh WHY do people still insist that empty frames are fashionable? They were a novelty when they first showed up (what, like 2 years ago???) They can be a great background in store displays or photo shoots. But in a home they are simply lonely and sad. I mean seriously, get some pictures people!!! You can even leave a couple empty and I wouldn't complain. But how boring is a person who doesn't have a single image that is more worthwhile then a wall of empty, lonely frames?

(yeah...there was my rant for the day.)

Monday, May 23, 2011

My pretty cabinet

Lookie what I made in woodworking class last semester! I totally love it. I need to get it hung, obviously, but it looks cool even sitting on my living room floor.

I even learned dovetails...I cut those babies by hand!

This is an experiment in blogging from my iPad. I think I need to work on lighting my pictures, but I have high hopes that this will help me post more regularly. We'll see...

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I {heart} Lonny

I heard about Lonny Magazine not long after the first issue, and I've honestly been hooked ever since. Do any of you not yet read Lonny? It's a totally free online mag...I probably love it because I would devour interior design magazines, but can't afford any right now...except, I'd probably read lonny even if I had the funds to have dozens of magazines mailed to me every month. For my design class last semester, we had to find lots of pictures out of magazines...I printed all mine from lonny!

Why do I love it?'s awesome :) The rooms are never boring. I think I love every one they show! They aren't "done up just for a photo shoot rooms"...they are places where people (designer type people) actually LIVE. The rooms are full of life, because you can tell the items were bought over time, and are pieces the occupants truly love. Rooms that have evolved to be just what the designer is and loves. I sit and swoon over peoples collections, and think "I need an interesting collection to start!" (I don't collect anything in particular, but I'm gonna find something good soon, I'm sure! Then I'll blog all about it)

So...just because I think everyone should be hooked on lonny...some images from this months issue...
Hello fabulous room! I think I'm very drawn to blue lately, which seems weird since I don't like any of the blue's in our house...and we have a good number of blue rooms...but this it! Colorful, and vibrant, and interesting.

Eggplant and burnt orange??? Yes PLEASE! This room is so soft, but alive and energizing.

Check out the curtains in this bedroom. I think new curtains
just went on my list of things I NEED.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birth of a Flute

So, I'm trying to think about what to blog about tonight...and I'm thinking, and I'm thinking....

I haven't created anything recently (we were all sick through Christmas break, and my shop is really cold right now) and I don't have pictures of the nightstand I built last semester (and Mr. Duck already has it cluttered with books, and I don't want to clean it off and make the bed all pretty right now :p ). But I do have a lot of fun projects coming up with the new semester starting. So I'll tell you about this...
(no, I didn't make this one...I took the picture from Wikipedia)
Mr. Duck and I are taking a Native American Flute making class. Fun, hu? I get to learn some more woodworking skills, it fulfills a Fine Arts credit, which we both need for our degrees, we get a cool instrument (or as many as we can make) at the end, and we get to do it together! This guy (clicky!) is our instructor. He's fairly deaf, and a good deal crazy, but a lot of fun, and he knows his stuff. According to a few people in our class that know something about these flutes, he's one of the best flute makers out there.

For our class, we all have to make our first flutes the same key (size), but after that, we can try other keys if we'd like. (I'd like at least one as small as he will let us make and one nice big one, as well as the normal sized one) We can also choose and bring in our own wood to work with. I found a really pretty maple, and Mr. Duck has some nice walnut. I'll have to bring my camera in to class so I can show you pictures as we go along. It should be very exciting.

Oh, I'll tell you what I learned the first day of class....Oak and Pine have absolutely no sex don't pick those for flutes. :)

Make it stop!

I came across this article on today....Seriously??? Why oh WHY do people still insist that empty frames are fashionable? They we...