Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantasy Friday - my dining room dream

This is what my new dining room would look like in a perfect world!

I've been dying to paint my room Gray forever. I want a neutral background because I want to bring in lots of color in accents and I like to change them up frequently. And gray is less stark then white and less boring than cream. It looks so calming and soft. I think SW Gray Screen would be perfect in our space.

I think my dining table is perfect, so I wouldn't change it up at all, and I have a chandelier very similar to the one here. I'd just need permission from the landlord to switch it out. (I have permission to paint, and switch out you think that extends to electrical fixtures?...hmmmm) Then, I'd add ultra modern and colorful dining chairs and layer in colorful, whimsical accessories.

Very eclectic, but the idea feels so "me" and fun and makes me smile.

Art (I love art from The Black Apple!)
Chairs (from my file...anyone have the link?)
candlesticks (from my that I'm planning on doing this on a regular basis, I'll keep better track of these things)


  1. You asked about your stacking chairs and I must say you have expensive taste.

    That pile of chairs would be $1160.

  2. Thank you!...yeah I knew they were pretty spendy when I saved the pic. that is why they are a fantasy. Maybe someday I can save for a stack of fabulous chairs :)

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