Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thrifty finds

Today we headed out for a hike and stopped at the thrift store on the way home. We had to restrain ourselves a bit because we were in the little car instead of the van....but we did manage to pack if full of awesome stuff....
Like a race track! That was something we obviously needed :)

I found this picture for $5! I love the vivid colors in it and it just makes me happy...though I'd like to get rid of the gold frame (can anyone say "spray paint" with me).

I also grabbed this little's pretty scratched up, but I have a vision for it...but you'll have to wait to see it ;)
We didn't pick these up today, but since they were free, I'll count them under thrifty. We had a tree in our backyard taken down and I asked to keep some of the pieces. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet...but I can't pass up free.

And a picture of Katie being cute in the shop...just because she's cute!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New look

I am now, officially a business...along with that came a new name, and a new look...I'll be polishing it over the next few days, but I'm happy with the name. My husband says the duck is too "girly"...but I'm a girl, so he can live with it. :) So now that I'm *hopefully* done wading though paperwork (almost...) I can really start doing the work that I find so fun...refinishing! Right now, I have a country style table that we are building a new top for...ok, we're really building the table, but it was because I'd found nice legs... Tomorrow we will build the apron and then I'll be painting and staining everything. I have a chair I'm repairing for a customer, but I had to wait for a tool to be shipped here because I'm having to build a new leg for it. And I'm planning on hitting garage sales on Saturday to look for awesome stuff! I'm so excited about this journey I'm on. It's going to keep me busy, but it is something I enjoy so much! Fun times ahead! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun frames

(please forgive my horrendous picture here...our walls make everything look yellow...and I obviously have a less then steady hand....)

Have I mentioned yet that I love my Kreg jig? Just sayin'....

I wanted to put up some kids art, and this wall was just begging for some color. So, I threw together a few frames(yeah, literally took me less then 20 min/frame for all the cuts and assembly and sanding), covered them in craft paint, handed the kids some paper and brushes, and let them go to town. (I did warn Betty that the pictures would be hung this way, but she insisted on making her fairy (the top) that way...maybe we'll say it's flying...)

I want to make/find a more interesting coat hook, but I had that one in storage, so it will do for now...then I want to find a fun/ornate frame for that bare spot in the middle and put some kind of family organizer...either dry erase, or chalk board or something...

Now to see if that lowest frame stays on the wall, or if Katie will insist on carrying it around the house...

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Monday, June 14, 2010

What the heck did I do today???

So, my goal is to have something to blog about every week day. Ideal would be a finished project...but some days that just isn't possible. Like today...what did I do today to blog about? Well, I have no spectacular finished projects, but that doesn't mean we didn't work.

Today, was a trip to the Lumber Yard! It took us a while to actually find the type of lumber yard we with a large variety of unfinished boards. We finally found one that had what we were looking for and came home with.....

Enough boards for 3 dining table tops.

(do you like my stellar MS Paint skilz?)

Oh, I can hardly wait to go back to the lumber yard! They had some awesome stuff including some very pretty zebra wood and other exotics that would be so fun to play with....though we may need to do smaller projects with something expensive like that...I'm really wanting to make some small pedestal tables for our bedroom...that would be a fun place to use that :)

The douglas fir is what we used for our awesome farm house dining table (which I totally love!) and we are planing on making 2 almost just like it (just with slightly different joints, and one will have a stretcher)

The ash is going to go with these legs which I picked up at the ReStore a while ago (love that place.)
Then I spent the rest of my day doing this....

Can you see how grimy those things were? And I couldn't just wash them and lay them out to dry cause they get all spotty...I had to wash them and buff each one dry. (I talk like I'm done, but I'm actually only taking a break halfway though...I think I'm going to get a bowl of water and move into the living room where I can watch tv for the last 2 hours of this project....) But it's totally worth it to see all those sparklies so clean! My girls keep walking though the kitchen going "awww! Pretty!"

So that sums up my day. Busy, with very little to show for off to finish washing crystals....

Friday, June 11, 2010

A little step stool

Our new kitchen has cupboards that go all the way to the celing....I can't reach that high. I'm not terribly short, and I usually have my husband around to get the stuff that is WAY up there...but I felt short in this kitchen.

A couple days ago, we picked up a Kreg Jig. I was wanting to try it out cause it looked cool. Hence....I can now reach 2 shelves higher then I could before, and my girls will be able to help unload the dishwasher. Win!!

This whole thing took me just a couple hours, including putting together the jig. I had plenty of help from my husband...we have a new to us table saw that hadn't been tried, plus, I've never used a table saw before. So he did that part, and helped me put it together, and helped me figure out how to deal with not being able to get the drill in straight on the second side (we ended up putting the square drive on a small socket wrench...). But I designed, measured, jig sawed, sanded, and did most of the screws. Overall, I'm really pleased with myself. :)

I think I want to paint it orange...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sassy in Black

Before....(if you followed my old blog, you probably saw this before here with the story of finding this beauty...where I explain that my kids were making forts with blankets and that's why there is such a mess in the background....)
And some fresh paint, and new hardware....

I may have to change my mind about letting this one go....except I don't think black will look very good next to our walls....*sigh* I'm sure someone will fall in love with it :)

I had planned on keeping the original hardware, but some of it had been horribly I just went with all new, and I'll hang on to the good ones for another project.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So Hot!


I picked up this little table for a whopping $5...the fabric and foam I had on hand, and about $6 worth of paint. Oh, and a new bolt for one of the legs. Without the bottom it's a little less stable then I'd like it to be, so I think I'll be adding some leg support blocks so it will be rock solid before I list it for sale.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A pretty pair

These things were sitting at the thrift store for a couple weeks...I'd walked by then several times, and watched the price drop, and decided to rescue them. A little paint, some new fabric...

They do still need to have a clear topcoat put on, but I wanted to see if anyone out there could give me their opinion first. To glaze, or not to glaze....My goal is to sell these. Most of these makeovers that I see in blogland end with dark glaze. But I'm really liking them as they are. Here is a blogger who's work I really love who did a chair with the same color and fabric as the blue one, but glazed.
And my blue one...not glazed. I love the glazed...I love the pop-iness of the color on the unglazed....does anyone else out there have an opinion?...anyone?

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fail!!..but at least I have roses

So, I'd set a goal to not go more then a day with out finding something awesome to blog about....starting out real well, eh? I don't even have a good excuse for most of this week...I was reading a book...But then, yesterday, I set out to work on the project I'd been planning all week...but I threw out my back and couldn't find any pain killer. But today, I actually dug into it. Recovering seat cushions.

Yeah, that's how far I got....There were a TON of staples in that thing...then the pads are in good shape, but in lots of pieces and I'm going to need glue to keep them in place while putting the new fabric on...and I didn't want to go downstairs to get glue, so I gave up for right now... I plan to finish them later tonight with my husband around to do my going to the basement for glue.

However...this is what our yard gave us today!
I'm going to need to find more vases. They smell lovely and I want them all over my house! We have 2 more bushes that haven't opened up enough to see what colors they are going to be yet...I'm excited. And I'm grateful for our lovely home with a yard that my kids can run in, a small plot for vegetables, and lots of lovely 50 year old rosebushes.

Make it stop!

I came across this article on today....Seriously??? Why oh WHY do people still insist that empty frames are fashionable? They we...