Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bet you all thought I vanished!

Well...I sorta did. At least from the blogging world. I've just been so occupied with school, and then trying to figure out how to keep my house running with my limited time (answer to that, if you are wondering...teach your kids how to run the laundry, and make it their own responsibility to have clean clothes...)

This semester was totally worth it, though! I LOVE being in school, and learning fun new things. I really loved my design class, and gained a lot from it, but my truly exciting fun awesome class was woodworking. I had a blast every day in there! We started with safety and how to use all the cool, big machines without cutting our fingers off. Then our first project was a nightstand (I'll have to get pictures of that one tomorrow to show you cause it's awesome, too) Then we were told we could build what we wanted if we had a plan (either one we found or our own). We've been really needing a good ottoman. I wanted a nice big one. I'd show you a "before" but it was just a pile of boards :) and then I turned them into...

(that's a kid's rocking chair in the back...just so you don't get confused and think I made a truly giant ottoman....It's 3ft square and about 14in tall)

I'm in love! There is something incredibly satisfying in having something made by my own hands.
I even turned the legs on the lathe (which was, hands down, the funnest part of this whole thing...and since I loved making this, that is saying something) They are not all quite the same, but considering it was my first time and I mostly eyeballed the curves, I think they are pretty close. I was a little worried when I decided to use a lathe for this, because I think most turned legs tend to look very traditional or very country and neither of those fit my style. These, I think, lean toward traditional, but the curve is simple enough that it's not quite. Next semester, I want to try to make some candlesticks...and a lamp base...and...(can you tell I have lathe on the brain?...anyone out there want to contribute to my lathe fund so I can have one to play with in my own shop? This is the one I want :)

So, there is some of what I've been up to while I've been not blogging. I'm going to be on Christmas break now, though, so maybe I can get caught up with some projects I managed to squeeze in these last few months.

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  1. Fantastic job! I love the color and especially the fabric!

  2. beautiful job! love the colors and fabric!

  3. What a nice piece! You should be proud because you really did a great job.

  4. that is such a fun piece! love the color and fabric you used!

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