Monday, August 30, 2010

It's a Paint Booth...sorta...

Lookie! It's a paint booth. :) Only took us three weekends, but we got it done. Did you know they make ultra thick plastic? Well, if I thought about it I would have known...but until I asked the guy at the hardware store what would work for a paint booth, and he was all "plastic" and I was all..."I tried painters plastic and it was a disaster..." and he was all "HAHAHA YOU FOOL! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" (ok, not really...) He pointed me to the "6 mil" stuff, which works quite nicely. Eventually I'd like to add a 4th wall, and top and ventilation...but for now, this catches the overspray quite nicely, and I got this....

To protect my lungs while I work in here. Pretty, eh?

Now, if only I'd remembered tack cloth when I bought my plastic, I'd have several finished projects to show it is, I have 3 sitting in the garage, sanded and waiting to be cleaned up properly before they can be painted. I don't have school tomorrow, though, so I'll get them done then.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantasy Friday - my dining room dream

This is what my new dining room would look like in a perfect world!

I've been dying to paint my room Gray forever. I want a neutral background because I want to bring in lots of color in accents and I like to change them up frequently. And gray is less stark then white and less boring than cream. It looks so calming and soft. I think SW Gray Screen would be perfect in our space.

I think my dining table is perfect, so I wouldn't change it up at all, and I have a chandelier very similar to the one here. I'd just need permission from the landlord to switch it out. (I have permission to paint, and switch out you think that extends to electrical fixtures?...hmmmm) Then, I'd add ultra modern and colorful dining chairs and layer in colorful, whimsical accessories.

Very eclectic, but the idea feels so "me" and fun and makes me smile.

Art (I love art from The Black Apple!)
Chairs (from my file...anyone have the link?)
candlesticks (from my that I'm planning on doing this on a regular basis, I'll keep better track of these things)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Learning things is lots of fun!

Lookie what I started this week!!!! I'm going back to college. Mr. Duck has been going part time for about a year, and amped it up to time and a half this semester, so we figure that since we were living off of school loans anyway, I should take the time to go back and finish my interior design degree. Well, start over really since none of my credits transfer, but it's been several years, and I wasn't that far in, so I'm ok with starting over. This semester I'm taking intro to interior design and beginning woodworking. I figure they both go along with what I'm doing for work, and they are both things I feel passionate about.

Woodworking is going to be really exciting. We went over safety for most of the tools this week, and Monday we will be voting on our first project. We all have to do the same one, but he has 3 for us to choose from. I'm hoping for a nightstand/end table, or a small desk. I just hope it's not something lame that I don't need/want or I may rush through it to start on whatever I want....well, whatever I want that I can actually make with the skills I'll have learned by then...but it's not like I don't have any's just mostly assisting, and theory, and watching the Wood Whisperer...So I'm excited to take this class to get more hands on time with the tools.

I'm really excited about my design class, too. Like I said, I've taken it...but it was online, and some things are hard to really grasp over the exactly how to say "juxtaposition"...I know how to say it now, but it took me a long time to really feel confident with it. And "Analogous"...I'm still not quite positive how that one is pronounced...I should look it up...Also, they have a lab on campus with fabric, floor and wall-covering samples so I won't have to drive all over collecting them for class projects, and we'll do field trips to local stores that designers would shop at, and my teacher has worked locally in design so she will know of other places to shop. I didn't get any of that in online classes. Not that I didn't learn a ton before, and even studying and reading about design since. I'm just looking forward to being able to really focus on it again, and have teachers and peers to talk to.

So I may be posting on awesome stuff I'm learning, and pictures of awesome stuff I'm doing. Should be exciting around here!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Not so busy....

It's been hot here...and I mean, really hot...and I don't know if you know this about me, but I don't function well in the heat. I don't function well in the cold either, but I think I function better in the cold then the heat...and since a lot of what I do is painting, and you're not supposed to paint when it's really hot, I figured I had a good excuse (ok, not really...I just get lazy in the heat...) But I did want to show a few of the things I've been up to. Mostly this last week as it's been slightly cooler, so I got slightly productive...

Trying out oil based paint
Is it wrong to want to marry a color? I know, this needs to be sanded and have another coat of paint...but that color! In case anyone is dying to know, this is SW Lime Ricky. I totally heart it!

Painting a little table and adding a lock for a niece on her way to college.

I know the black is a HUGE improvement...but I kick myself looking at this picture and wondering how I could forget to paint the hinges silver!

Trying to construct a paint booth since it's so windy in our yard, I feel I waste more paint then necessary....this was meant to be a quick fix, but is a total fail!
The spray gun blows the plastic all over the place (even though it's anchored top and bottom) and there is no way to clean up the saw dust it kicks up, so it kicks it right onto my wet paint. I'm looking at other options, but if anyone has an inexpensive idea for a paint booth that they'd share, I'd appreciate it...I'm thinking of getting foam insulator boards or maybe cheap paneling and something to brace it up....

And building planter boxes.
After the luck we had with tomatoes in our tiny plot this year, we want to expand and have more veggies next year. This box is for my sister-in-law's yard, but she said we could use it for the next few years. I'll post some more pictures when it's all set up.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newest peice of furniture

We managed to get a smokin' awesome deal on a great piano this week. My girls and I had been saving our pennies, then we got some unexpected funds via a laptop we sold. I wanted a short one mostly because I thought it would be more visually pleasing in our space, and because it would be easier to move. Plus it needed to be in tune, or at least not damaged so it could be tuned, and have an OK sound. My sister-in-law stepped in to help with the shopping since she and her husband know a thing or two (or a million more then me) about pianos. They spotted this one on KSL (utah version of craigslist...but better), and suggested strongly that we snatch it up. So we did :) It sounds great, is in tune, has no stuck keys at all, is well made and a good brand (is brand the right work...make? model?...whatever....)

When I was originally shopping, I was really wanting one I wouldn't feel bad about paining, but this one has a really nice cherry finish....I still want to paint it, but I don't know what color yet, and it still feels like a crime to paint pretty wood. But then, I feel the dark wood just gives such a heavy, dated look to a room. I'm wanting to paint the living room, and I could work it around the dark wood, but I have a vision for light and fun with colors that pop....and I'm not sure a dark piano fits or adds to that vision. Especially where our floor plan puts the piano smack in the middle of the room backing the sofa (yeah, we have a weird big room with not many walls...but the piano kind of works there, so I'm going with it for now.). So the piano is kind of the main focal point in the room, which I'm OK with, but it makes me want to paint it more since it's so prominent....

heehee...did you like my long rant there? do you have an opinion on painting nice wood? I generally say do what you love and what works in your space, and I know I'd love it painted...but I also know it will be a good deal of work that my husband won't be too happy about helping me with. Guess we'll make a decision if we ever get around to painting the front room...

Oh, and in case you've never seen a pretty piano makeover with paint, here is one....see? nice hu? so fresh and clean.

and another...

and another...

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