Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More thoughts on the chandelier ...

So, this pretty thing has been on the forefront of my mind all day. I don't know why...before this morning it wasn't even next on my list of projects...high on my list, but not the top. But then posting about it this morning and looking some more at this one....well, how could I not be thinking about that?!

You have to understand, I bookmarked that link quite a while ago. At first I looked REALLY hard for a chandelier to do this with, but never came across one. Then, we moved and our new house has these weird colored walls. It looks very lovely with whites, creams and browns...but that is about the range of colors I can use in here(however, we have a landlord who is very understanding and says we can paint as long as we OK a color with him first...he can't get too upset about just white, right? now if only I can find the time...). So, I was set on the idea of doing something fun with this fixture and then selling it. But, today, I haven't been able to get that pretty yellow thing out of my head all day.

And, another dilemma....the whole tutorial was never posted. I'm sure I could figure a lot of it out, but some of those wire details are just so fun! And I don't think I have the skills to muster my way though that. So...after a lot of thought and mustering my courage...I hit the "contact" button and sent a message asking for the rest of it. It was kind of scary....I mean, I don't want to be a bother to anyone, and I don't like to be pushy...but it is just so pretty! And guess what! Right away Stacie sent me an email saying that she'd be glad to post the rest of it over the next several weeks! And she was very nice and did not chew me out about how busy she was with other stuff, or point me to all the other cool stuff she has posted there (because she really does have some cool stuff!). Did I mention I don't like to bother imagination runs away with me sometimes.

Oh, I'm so very excited! Whether I end up keeping it, or selling it (I am supposed to be using this stuff to cut down on the student loans we have to take out, after all....But I'm not sure I could part with it...) I will know how to do it and as some point I WILL have a fun light for over my dining table!

Oh, Stacie...Thank you! For posting such an inspiring piece in the first place, and being willing to share with me how to do it! You totally rock :)

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