Friday, June 4, 2010

Fail!!..but at least I have roses

So, I'd set a goal to not go more then a day with out finding something awesome to blog about....starting out real well, eh? I don't even have a good excuse for most of this week...I was reading a book...But then, yesterday, I set out to work on the project I'd been planning all week...but I threw out my back and couldn't find any pain killer. But today, I actually dug into it. Recovering seat cushions.

Yeah, that's how far I got....There were a TON of staples in that thing...then the pads are in good shape, but in lots of pieces and I'm going to need glue to keep them in place while putting the new fabric on...and I didn't want to go downstairs to get glue, so I gave up for right now... I plan to finish them later tonight with my husband around to do my going to the basement for glue.

However...this is what our yard gave us today!
I'm going to need to find more vases. They smell lovely and I want them all over my house! We have 2 more bushes that haven't opened up enough to see what colors they are going to be yet...I'm excited. And I'm grateful for our lovely home with a yard that my kids can run in, a small plot for vegetables, and lots of lovely 50 year old rosebushes.

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