Monday, June 14, 2010

What the heck did I do today???

So, my goal is to have something to blog about every week day. Ideal would be a finished project...but some days that just isn't possible. Like today...what did I do today to blog about? Well, I have no spectacular finished projects, but that doesn't mean we didn't work.

Today, was a trip to the Lumber Yard! It took us a while to actually find the type of lumber yard we with a large variety of unfinished boards. We finally found one that had what we were looking for and came home with.....

Enough boards for 3 dining table tops.

(do you like my stellar MS Paint skilz?)

Oh, I can hardly wait to go back to the lumber yard! They had some awesome stuff including some very pretty zebra wood and other exotics that would be so fun to play with....though we may need to do smaller projects with something expensive like that...I'm really wanting to make some small pedestal tables for our bedroom...that would be a fun place to use that :)

The douglas fir is what we used for our awesome farm house dining table (which I totally love!) and we are planing on making 2 almost just like it (just with slightly different joints, and one will have a stretcher)

The ash is going to go with these legs which I picked up at the ReStore a while ago (love that place.)
Then I spent the rest of my day doing this....

Can you see how grimy those things were? And I couldn't just wash them and lay them out to dry cause they get all spotty...I had to wash them and buff each one dry. (I talk like I'm done, but I'm actually only taking a break halfway though...I think I'm going to get a bowl of water and move into the living room where I can watch tv for the last 2 hours of this project....) But it's totally worth it to see all those sparklies so clean! My girls keep walking though the kitchen going "awww! Pretty!"

So that sums up my day. Busy, with very little to show for off to finish washing crystals....

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