Friday, June 11, 2010

A little step stool

Our new kitchen has cupboards that go all the way to the celing....I can't reach that high. I'm not terribly short, and I usually have my husband around to get the stuff that is WAY up there...but I felt short in this kitchen.

A couple days ago, we picked up a Kreg Jig. I was wanting to try it out cause it looked cool. Hence....I can now reach 2 shelves higher then I could before, and my girls will be able to help unload the dishwasher. Win!!

This whole thing took me just a couple hours, including putting together the jig. I had plenty of help from my husband...we have a new to us table saw that hadn't been tried, plus, I've never used a table saw before. So he did that part, and helped me put it together, and helped me figure out how to deal with not being able to get the drill in straight on the second side (we ended up putting the square drive on a small socket wrench...). But I designed, measured, jig sawed, sanded, and did most of the screws. Overall, I'm really pleased with myself. :)

I think I want to paint it orange...

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