Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newest peice of furniture

We managed to get a smokin' awesome deal on a great piano this week. My girls and I had been saving our pennies, then we got some unexpected funds via a laptop we sold. I wanted a short one mostly because I thought it would be more visually pleasing in our space, and because it would be easier to move. Plus it needed to be in tune, or at least not damaged so it could be tuned, and have an OK sound. My sister-in-law stepped in to help with the shopping since she and her husband know a thing or two (or a million more then me) about pianos. They spotted this one on KSL (utah version of craigslist...but better), and suggested strongly that we snatch it up. So we did :) It sounds great, is in tune, has no stuck keys at all, is well made and a good brand (is brand the right work...make? model?...whatever....)

When I was originally shopping, I was really wanting one I wouldn't feel bad about paining, but this one has a really nice cherry finish....I still want to paint it, but I don't know what color yet, and it still feels like a crime to paint pretty wood. But then, I feel the dark wood just gives such a heavy, dated look to a room. I'm wanting to paint the living room, and I could work it around the dark wood, but I have a vision for light and fun with colors that pop....and I'm not sure a dark piano fits or adds to that vision. Especially where our floor plan puts the piano smack in the middle of the room backing the sofa (yeah, we have a weird big room with not many walls...but the piano kind of works there, so I'm going with it for now.). So the piano is kind of the main focal point in the room, which I'm OK with, but it makes me want to paint it more since it's so prominent....

heehee...did you like my long rant there? do you have an opinion on painting nice wood? I generally say do what you love and what works in your space, and I know I'd love it painted...but I also know it will be a good deal of work that my husband won't be too happy about helping me with. Guess we'll make a decision if we ever get around to painting the front room...

Oh, and in case you've never seen a pretty piano makeover with paint, here is one....see? nice hu? so fresh and clean.

and another...

and another...


  1. I'm totally anti painting pianos, but maybe that's just me. Good work on the good find!

  2. I am TOTALLY anti painting pianos as well. I cringe when I seeing it done out in blogland.... for me it is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more important what the instrument sounds like than what it looks like.

  3. BTW - I like the finish on the piano, if it matters.

  4. Jeralee, from what I've read, painting won't effect the sound of it...but I will TOTALLY defer expertise to you! Will it effect it sound wise? I wouldn't do it if it will since I agree that sound is more important then looks.

  5. I just think they look odd more than anything.
    ;-) If you have one of those really, really old hunk of junk not even playable, horrible sounds, than I would say go for it. What does your father in law say? Since he works with wood and instruments.

    Polish it up really good and see how it looks then.

  6. Hey Heidi,

    Congrats on the piano!!!! I'm finally getting my piano Mid December!!! I've been craving one for let's see.......... thousands of years now!!!!!

    The painting thing is a totally personal thing - Quen (husband) works with a lot of wood and also has a spray booth (huge monster of a thing in the factory) and he'd probably tell you to go for it. If not, why not!!!!! Your piano in the end!!!

    Enjoy every moment playing!!! I can't wait to get mine!!!


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