Thursday, August 26, 2010

Learning things is lots of fun!

Lookie what I started this week!!!! I'm going back to college. Mr. Duck has been going part time for about a year, and amped it up to time and a half this semester, so we figure that since we were living off of school loans anyway, I should take the time to go back and finish my interior design degree. Well, start over really since none of my credits transfer, but it's been several years, and I wasn't that far in, so I'm ok with starting over. This semester I'm taking intro to interior design and beginning woodworking. I figure they both go along with what I'm doing for work, and they are both things I feel passionate about.

Woodworking is going to be really exciting. We went over safety for most of the tools this week, and Monday we will be voting on our first project. We all have to do the same one, but he has 3 for us to choose from. I'm hoping for a nightstand/end table, or a small desk. I just hope it's not something lame that I don't need/want or I may rush through it to start on whatever I want....well, whatever I want that I can actually make with the skills I'll have learned by then...but it's not like I don't have any's just mostly assisting, and theory, and watching the Wood Whisperer...So I'm excited to take this class to get more hands on time with the tools.

I'm really excited about my design class, too. Like I said, I've taken it...but it was online, and some things are hard to really grasp over the exactly how to say "juxtaposition"...I know how to say it now, but it took me a long time to really feel confident with it. And "Analogous"...I'm still not quite positive how that one is pronounced...I should look it up...Also, they have a lab on campus with fabric, floor and wall-covering samples so I won't have to drive all over collecting them for class projects, and we'll do field trips to local stores that designers would shop at, and my teacher has worked locally in design so she will know of other places to shop. I didn't get any of that in online classes. Not that I didn't learn a ton before, and even studying and reading about design since. I'm just looking forward to being able to really focus on it again, and have teachers and peers to talk to.

So I may be posting on awesome stuff I'm learning, and pictures of awesome stuff I'm doing. Should be exciting around here!

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