Saturday, July 31, 2010

Love a good garage sale!

I rolled my family out of bed bright and early with a bag full of pop tarts and pushed them straight into the van to go find awesome at garage sales. At first...nothin'. We only saw a few sales and they didn't have anything really very good. Then, as usually happens, we called it for the day and then saw one more sign. It was placed oddly so it was hard to find the garage, but when I spotted it, I knew I was going to be IN HEAVEN! The garage was PACKED with end tables, side tables, serving tables, dining tables, dishes, vases, and chairs...and I would have bought every single thing if I could have afforded it. Most was in beautiful shape, and vintage lines and build. Unfortunately, I couldn't, so I restrained myself to 4 items. It took me a good while to really decide which to get.

Ever since seeing this post from Memoirs of the Shoe Obsessed, I've been pining for a telephone table. Not that I want to do exactly that, but because it was such an awesome transformation, and telephone tables aren't something you see everyday. So you know this was the first one I grabbed...
Even the upholstery is in really great shape, but just a bit too dated. I'm going to check my stash to see what I can find that's fun, then decide on paint.

Then this one...I love the curved legs and scalloped apron...I'm seeing a little girl's room paint job.

Then this...She started refinishing it, so the topcoat is bubbly from the stripper, but other then that, it's really in great shape...sturdy, drop leaves work great...I usually don't buy a piece without a clear vision or idea for it, but it was such a unique piece, I couldn't leave it behind.


Did you notice this bowl? It just seemed so interesting and unique to me, that I had to have it. The glass is that 70's green stuff that usually just looks tacky, but I just feel in love with this one. I don't know if it's the shape or what, but I snatched it up!

One thing, was that this garage sale, being hard to see, didn't look real well attended. I asked what she would be doing with the stuff unsold and if I could call to see if she still had stuff in a few weeks when my budget allowed for it...she said that she does one every couple weeks. You know I'm going to be going back! There were a couple items that I had a VERY hard time walking away without.

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