Friday, July 23, 2010

So worth it!

Well, I finished it. I built two new front legs and delivered this chair today. At the end of a project I get all worried that they are not going to be happy with my work. For this one, I was worried because I hadn't been able to match the old color, so I had painted the whole thing a brown that was close...I was worried they would be mad. When I'd picked it up from this older couple, they told me it had been his step-mother's, but that if it couldn't be fixed it wasn't a problem. But when I brought it back today, I could see in their faces how happy it made them to see it in usable condition...sturdy and in one piece. It made all the difficulty we had in fixing it so worth it. I pretty much love my job :)

(of course, I forgot to get a final picture before delivering it...maybe I'll call to see if I can come by and get a picture...)

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