Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birth of a Flute

So, I'm trying to think about what to blog about tonight...and I'm thinking, and I'm thinking....

I haven't created anything recently (we were all sick through Christmas break, and my shop is really cold right now) and I don't have pictures of the nightstand I built last semester (and Mr. Duck already has it cluttered with books, and I don't want to clean it off and make the bed all pretty right now :p ). But I do have a lot of fun projects coming up with the new semester starting. So I'll tell you about this...
(no, I didn't make this one...I took the picture from Wikipedia)
Mr. Duck and I are taking a Native American Flute making class. Fun, hu? I get to learn some more woodworking skills, it fulfills a Fine Arts credit, which we both need for our degrees, we get a cool instrument (or as many as we can make) at the end, and we get to do it together! This guy (clicky!) is our instructor. He's fairly deaf, and a good deal crazy, but a lot of fun, and he knows his stuff. According to a few people in our class that know something about these flutes, he's one of the best flute makers out there.

For our class, we all have to make our first flutes the same key (size), but after that, we can try other keys if we'd like. (I'd like at least one as small as he will let us make and one nice big one, as well as the normal sized one) We can also choose and bring in our own wood to work with. I found a really pretty maple, and Mr. Duck has some nice walnut. I'll have to bring my camera in to class so I can show you pictures as we go along. It should be very exciting.

Oh, I'll tell you what I learned the first day of class....Oak and Pine have absolutely no sex don't pick those for flutes. :)

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